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Anne MacIntyre

Anne MacIntyre
Anne MacIntyre, winner of RHS best in show

I love taking photographs of flowers, most of all, I love taking photographs of flowers I have grown myself. I have a small garden in St Albans and I also have an allotment which is quickly filling up with dahlias and cosmos. Nurturing my baby plants is a joy in itself but then studying individual blooms and exploring how to take a beautiful picture is a way of extending my enjoyment of the flowers. I have also converted the boring patch of grass at the front of the house into a flowerbed which I hope will become a mini urban meadow. If you are interested in the process and would like to follow my progress throughout the year do take a look at my blog page.

 I have made cards, prints and calendars of my floral pictures for my family and friends for quite a few years and now hope you will find some joy in them too. 

I have entered a few competition, mainly because I have admired previous winners and it does also push me to be critical about my own photography and consider whether an image is good enough. I am very proud of the following awards.


RHS Portfolio Silver-Guilt Medal 2024

CUPOTY plant finalist 2023

Monochrome Awards Honourable Mentions in Nature and Fine Art 2023

RHS Portfolio Best in Show 2021

IGPOTY BnW Winner 2020

Fine Art Photography Awards 3 nominations 2020/21


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