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Flowers are coming

So quickly a few flowers are appearing in the front garden.

Muscari, daffodils and tulips have popped up along with wallflowers which survived the winter. It is not well draining. It is solid clay 10cm down. I should have dug in a whole lot of grit and fibre but that would have cost time and money and it was a spur of the moment decision to scrap the lawn a couple of years ago. But never mind, if I have to I'll do that eventually. For now I'm pleased some bulbs have survived and I chose quite a few "naturalising" ones which are the less cultivated sort which are meant to be happy to spread. I am saying this with a bit of a shrug because the scattering seeds to create a meadow definitely doesn't work. Even if you add lots of yellow rattle, which I did, hardly anything germinates let alone grows and flowers.

I'm excited to see them, hope I get a few photogenic ones.

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