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Hello World

A place to find out a little more about what it takes to create the photos you see here and on Instagram.

I grow flowers because I can. My grandma grew geraniums on her balcony, my dad grew dahlias, the first time around when they were popular once before, my mum grew daffodils but in fact loved the birds nesting more than the plants themselves.

I love watching things grow. Pots of things are multiplying around the house now that the girls are at university or working, and they have to move things around in the bathroom if they want a shower, or a bath!

The front lawn is half gone. I had an idea that digging it over and scattering seeds (billions) would make it a mini meadow. It didn't. It's a work in progress.

I take photos because I simply enjoy the process of taking photos of the flowers I grow. I have experimented with my camera settings so that I can take the sort of pictures I like. It is fascinating that these have a sort of style unique to me. When I scroll through pictures I recognise styles and know the photographer before I see their name, just like painters.

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